VEX Speakers in ITZ

As I was reading the “In The Zone” 2017-2018 Game Manuel, I stumbled upon a rule on the VEX Speakers. My question is if there is a restriction on the quantity of Speakers on the robot.

There was a Q&A for starstruck about using a Y cable for 2 speakers. They said it was allowed but do so at your own risk. I looked up the spec sheet for the Cortex, and the speaker does the amplification of the audio from the DAC, so you should be able to use 2 speakers on a Y cable without issue. We haven’t tried it yet personally, even though we own 2 speakers.

That was me that asked to use multiple speakers :D. You can use AS MANY AS YOU WANT! Using a y cable on another y cable is also legal. I believe that quality of sound decreases as the amount of Y cables increase however and I do not know how to make the speakers play different tunes. (Totally figuring out how to make digital and analog ports into speaker ports) @Carl and @Barin already love this idea.

Good luck converting the ADCs of the analog ports to output analog signals, and good luck driving the speaker with purely digital signals.

My worlds experience? Two words: BARBIE GIRL

Just a quick follow up, we tried using a Y cable yesterday to use 2 speakers at once, and it worked great. Was really loud for the size of our robotics room with both at full volume. We had the Nyan Cat music on our robot, but the refs in Research at worlds didn’t like it, so my kids never played it.

are there any values for using speakers on the robot other then the mental aspect to annoy your opponents?

In the NbN season:

The most annoying sound in the VEX universe (albeit with different pitches varying proportionally to flywheel speed) would be played for whole matches at a time with that excuse.

I seriously doubt it actually gained them anything except the wrath of the volunteers.

We had come up with some ideas, but the only one that was useful was playing upward tones every 5 seconds if an autonomous routine hadn’t been selected on the LCD. Otherwise their partner joystick was a soundboard.

I think the VEX speaker can actually be put to some use.

Autonomous selection in place of an LCD

Driver Load aid

And if you truly understand women, for asking someone out on a date

We had one of our robots play the national anthem before an event!