Vex Spin Up: Can I score while in the opponents low goal?

So I had an idea for a lift that is able to score in the high goals. But while talking to one of my team mates he said that it might be against the rules to score while sitting in the low goal. He said that while watching a tournament his little sister was in that a lot of teams got in trouble because of they had short range flywheels that were shooting Inside the low goal. I reread the manual and couldn’t find anything like that, however I know that I have the original book and it is not entirely accurate. I know that you can’t horizontally expand for most of the game but you can expand vertically to 24 and I wanted to know if there is a rule that says you can’t score while in the low goal?

no vertical expansion (like you talk about)

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The game manual contains the answer to your questions. Please read it again


If you would download the VRC hub onto your phone, you would always have the current game manual, because it automatically updates. Probably much more accurate than your friend watching his little sister’s robot…

If you find a rule you think prohibits scoring while in your opponent’s low goal, let us know…


Oh thank you. But yeah the first line in the vertical expansion section is that you can’t be in the low goal.

“Expanding vertically” in the low goal, and “scoring” while sitting in the low goal are two entirely different things! Just to be clear, it is perfectly legal for you to score while sitting in your opponent’s low goal, as long as you’re not vertically expanding to do so.