Vex Spin Up disk ideas

Hey guys, new year is starting and me and my team are getting ready to start and brainstorming. One of the most obvious things that we need is the ability to throw disks into the high goal because 1 point in low goal zone won’t get you anywhere realistically. I wanted to see what some of you were thinking on how to get it up there my team was thinking catapult or something of that nature but I definitely don’t agree because of the inaccuracies of it. I would rather depend on shooting rather than throwing unless I can guarantee almost always the same outcome. Any ideas? All ideas are welcome and I am a programmer so I should be able to make it work as long as my team can catch up, I don’t need plans but I’d like to brainstorm with new people for better ideas

Try here.


One of the ideas i have been CADding is a single flywheel disc launch system. Still figuring out the intake system but I’ll share what i come up with.

maybe some sort of intake resembling that of a tray bot from tower takeover, but with a flywheel on top. the whole thing could be built on a turntable in order to aim and swivel left and right. haven’t cadded it out yet but that is my teams base design idea.

Guys, would you please make suggestions in the thread I linked. This is a duplicate topic; stop replying to it.