VEX Spin Up - Low Goals

The game manual for VEX Spin Up didn’t tell us much about the low goals. Would it be possible for your bot to take shots toward your high goal and then go and retrieve disks from the low goal and shoot again, or is de-scoring from your opponent illegal? Any other vague parts of the manual?

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Read the part about the rules being constraints. If nothing in the rules prevent something you may do it


Oh right. Thanks for the guidance!

And because we probably can’t do it, no rule about potentially descoring from the high goal, correct?

If you look at the rules (SG5 specifically), you are not allowed to be taller than 18" when in either low goal. At this height you can drive UNDER the high goal supporting structure without contacting it.

The only way you MIGHT be able to descore from the high goal would be by ramming the sides of the field, and that will probably be banned under S1 (it has a high likelihood of damaging the field).


There might be a possibility of shooting a disc with such velocity at the bottom of the goal so that it would “shake the nest” and possibly descore some discs from an opposing alliance’s overflowing basket.

It really depends how strong the supports for the goals are though. If they are very sturdy, then the described method will have a low likelihood of working.

I doubt that would work, It would probably just flex the disc-they are just foam, much easier to flex the foam than to bend rigid plastic.

As a ref I’d also make a case for a Major Violation of SG3 since you couldn’t ram the side of the field without risking entanglement with the net. Ramming the field definitely falls under “repeated, intentional, or strategic”.

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Can you just keep ramming into the bar which the high goal sits on?

Usually if its not explicitly illegal, its allowed. Thats why the rules are there. The only gray areas in vex are when rules are ambiguous, and thats when you can ask your mentor to make a post on the official Q&A.

no, because it is 18.5 inches off the ground and you cannot vertically expand in the low zone according to

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I got to make a more in-depth post about this, but the whole vertical expiation limit is difficult.

< SG5 >

No part of the Robot may exceed an overall height of 24”. This height limit is a “virtual ceiling,” meaning that no part of any Robot may ever exceed 24” above the foam tiles, regardless of Robot orientation.

For instance you simply drive(Jump at full speed) over the the barriers into the low goals could put you out of the “virtual ceiling”. To continue with that line of thinking what about end game net launchers that momentarily go above 24" how can you even tell if a violation happens. You might be able to tell the difference in 12in but not 1.


I suspect the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ approach to descoring would run into problems with many of the same rules as ramming the side of the field…


If the mechanism goes above the height of the robot, even briefly, that should be relatively easy to detect. This might be best caught during inspection where the mechanism should be demonstrated as not exceeding the vertical limit during expected conditions

If the robot winds up doing and endo or otherwise winds up in an unexpected orientation and a close call occurs, I would imagine only obvious violations would be penalized

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While jumping the robot with the low goals with the intent to disturb the high goal would not likely be a violation SG5, it would be a massive violation of S1 as well as a violation of SG3, and likely G16. It would be to the point that I would make a case for that team to be removed from the competition by the Event Partner. I would also question if the methods used to get any sort of air time such that you would contact the bar supporting the high goal were actually Vex legal.

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Grant Cox (The head of the GDC) also said that it is perfectly legal to retrieve disks from the low goal at the world championship. Just an interesting detail I thought I’d mention.

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