Vex Spin Up Skills World Record | 2775V

With the odometry are you just using one tracking wheel for tracking distance in a straight line and one for horizontal movement? I saw in your chassis there is one horizontal tracking wheel and one parallel with the drive wheels.

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Yes. It uses a gyro too.


Okay thanks. So for the heading correction PID you’re using the actual heading of the robot found from atan2 which is from the two tracking wheels and comparing it to the target heading? If so, what is the purpose of the gyro?

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The gyro tells the robot where it’s facing. Just two tracking wheels wouldn’t get the job done because the robot wouldn’t be able to distinguish between being pushed sidways and being turned.


Why did you decide to have 2 tracking wheels instead of 3?

We thought the gyro would be better and easier for tracking our heading than parallel wheels.


On your odom wheels what bearing or spacer do you have on the side opposite of the encoder to keep the axle centered? Thanks.

No bearing, just the hole in the plastic.


Dang, that looks really nice. Could you assist me in programming my robot, I am very confused with the driver control and autonomous code for the robot. This is for the spin up challenge. For my robot, I am using 4 motors (for driver control), 2 motors for the disc launching method, 1 to spin roller, and 1 for the endgame net shooter.

Welcome to the VEXForum. To be able to answer your question, we need to know what exactly your need help with. For example, are you coding in blocks, c++, and with VEXCode, PROS, RobotMesh? Do you not understand how to separate your code into driver control and autonomous? Depending on whether you want tank drive, arcade, split arcade, there are actually many good threads on the forum that you can find with the search bar. When it comes to autonomous the best you can start out with is simply telling the robot to move a certain distance, turn a certain amount, start the flywheel, etc. I’d be comfortable with this before you move on to advance stuff like PID, Odom, Pure Pursuit and the like.

I am using Vexcode V5 Pro and I do not understand how to code the drivercontrol.

I am confused on how to write the code to pick up the discs.

Really nice run guys. What are your robot specs?

We have 6 drive, 1 flywheel, 1 intake/roller/indexer, and like 6 pistons for endgame.


You also say that your current bot can drift, which I am assuming is because the use of all omnis and no traction. Did your first robot, with one tracking wheel, only use odometry during skills matches and auton, or did it hold up against defense well enough to be used to assist aiming? I have 4 omnis and 2 tractions, and thinking of implementing odometry on my robot, so I wanted to know whether 1 tracking wheel + IMU or 2 parallel wheels would be enough.

We used odometry in skills and autons but not driver control. I am sure that even a little defense would have made auto-assist unusable. I would strongly recommend just practicing aiming with driver as odom will never hold up to the real thing.


Could you assist me in programming my robot. I am new and need some assistance.

Take these questions to a new topic and be a bit more specific. Forum members will help with questions about parts of your code that are not working as you want, but generally will not provide solutions for programing a complete robot.


How fast do you run your drivetrain and intake?

My bad, our drive is 360RPM on 3.25s and our intake is 600RPM on the lower rows and 450 on the upper row. The indexer is 810 and the roller mech is 150. Our flywheel is 3600RPM.