Vex Spin Up Skills World Record | 2775V

Thanks for the idea! I hope you don’t mind if we steal the IMU + two encoder Odom idea because our current three encoder Odom is really not accurate and I’m sure inertial can improve it

Do you use a ratchet for the indexer? Also, how does your expansion/string storage work? I’ve been trying out a bunch of designs but most of them are either not efficient with space or just weak in general.

Yes we use a ratchet for indexer. Our storage for engame is two 5-wide channels in the shape of a box. We wrap the string around standoffs and stuff it in the boxes. It works well enough.


What do you use for the actual firing mechanism? Thanks for the responses.

I assume you mean the indexer. It’s just two 1.625" flex wheels under the magazine. No tensioner, just gravity to feed the discs through.

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I mean for the expansion, sorry about that.

What durometer of flex wheel are your indexer wheels?

It’s just a standoff attached to a piston. When the piston releases the standoff falls down and the projectile (some nuts on a ziptie) fires.

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They are 45A.


Awesome robot! Just curious, since I would like to be good at vex as well, do you guys have any CAD or detailed photos of your robot? It would help my team out a ton, since we are looking to copy a really really good team so we can be good as well.


Do you use a 60t gear for the ratchet?



I just wanted to know, is it legal if I 3D printed that for the competition? Also, if I 3D printed it, would it import the code as well? I’ve read through the game manual multiple times, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.


If you are a high school or middle school team, then you cannot 3D print parts. The only exceptions are decorations or custom license plate holders. VEXU teams can 3D print parts however.


That post was sarcastic, shown by the /s at the end. I am aware of the illegality of 3d printing. (I can’t 3d print a picture anyways.)

Sure you can.


Wowza :exploding_head:, looks very complex. Do you have the file/instructions for this exact bot? I’m new to vex and looking to build a good bot and think that rebuilding your world record skills bot would be a good place to start. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @Alex2011D, welcome to the forums and vex!

Most teams encourage creativity and experimentation, and thus don’t provide exact build models of their bots. There are, however all sorts of models for good starting drivetrains if you just look. We’ll also totally be willing to help with any specific issues you have along the way, but designing your robot is something only you can do. To use someone else’s design might miss adding ideas you would have had to make an even better robot.

Good luck this season!


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