Vex Spin Up

Can I add a vision sensor for autonomous time in VRC spin up?

The game manual tells you stuff you must do, and stuff you’re prohibited from doing.

There’s no way for the game manual to tell you all the things you might do. It does not tell you what mechanism you might build, or what sensors you might use. Rule R6 in the game manual ( tells you what parts are legal to use. (and you’ll find the Vision sensor is a legal part). Additionally, if you go to the vision sensor page in the VEX catalog (Vision Sensor - VEX Robotics) you’ll see again that it is a legal component. Since the game manual does not prohibit any particular use of the vision sensor, then you can use it anywhere and anytime you want to.

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Are there any rules saying you can’t? The game manual only says what you have to do and what you can’t do, not what you can do.

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