Vex Spinning point ideas

As you all know the new vex challenge spin up has been announced. My team and I are doing some reaserch on how we can throw the discs into the high goals. Our orginal plan was to use a arm but then a rule called vertical expansion limit stopped us. So far the only idea we have found is a flywheel.

Hi @anon9756651 !

Congratulations on reading the game manual (or forum) and seeing that there is a vertical expansion limit! Your work learning to read the rules will yield great dividends.

Lucky for you, there are already several threads dedicated to robot ideas for Spin Up. I’m sure that some basic use of the search bar will yield some satisfactory results. Alternatively, other shooting games such as Turning Point or Nothing But Net may have some food for thought.

Good luck!


Yes I searched this up online I mainly found turning point videos and I didn’t think they would help but it seems that they do thanks for the information.

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I would also look at FTC ultimate goal, even tho its not vex the concepts are very similar