Vex Spycamera

How cool would it be to have live feeds at Vex competition using the Vex spy camera. To see from a robots pov.

Probably shaky and not as entertaining as you would think. Unless you have a wide base and low cg, the video will be extremely shaky. I did this with our FRC robot (not live) and I’m currently looking into purchasing a wireless security camera for my Vex robot.

I have a wireless camera and have done this. It is actually pretty cool. The VEX isn’t fast enough for it to be very shaky or anything so it works pretty well.

There was an off season Vex event here in Georgia last fall where an FVC team hosted a challenging game where each robot was outfitted with wireless cameras.

Do you know what kinds of cameras were used?

You would really have to have some expensive cameras to do this, most conventional video cameras don’t have too good of a focus when in motion. My camera(Casio Exilim) has horrible picture while in motion. My old camera (can’t remember name, had 40x zoom) had great picture in motion, but was a bit bigger, and that will play the biggest part in trying to find a good camera to use for something like this. If anyone gets a camera to really do good, please notify the public, b/c this could really turn out to be something big in my opinion.

I can check and find out. I remember from talking to the team coach that they got a really good deal on the wireless cameras. Not sure if it was on e-bay or some other product “closeout” vendor.