Vex stair robot

hey vex community,
Just sharing a stair climbing robot i build recently.
it climbs w/ 2 flippers and a linear slider to position the treads to the next stair.
actually climbed an entire fleet of stair in my house with it!

I’m gonna build something else now, time to demolish this thing…:smiley:

anyone else have other vex stair bot designs or ideas for new projects?

Very good design. I don’t think I’ve seen a robot that size which could manage full sized steps.

Thanks, it took multiple stair climber redesigns before i finally got one that worked on actual stairs.

All my previous attempts are in this thread:

Here’s a video of the robot working, that i neglected to upload :slight_smile:

that is funny that you have a tri wheel thing. for a project for my robotics class i used intake rollers that weren’t driven in a large plus sign shaped thing made from angle and the whole thing spun. it was very successful at climbing the steps. it is funny that we both kinda had similar ideas without like talking about it or anything. i guess great minds think alike.

nice job

Yea, i was playing with a triwheel idea, but it was too small, and i didnt have enough pieces to make 2 really big ones. Cool how we thought of the same concept, although i ultimately made a different design work

yeah my plus sign was like 2 feet tall geared the heck out of it. it was like the hour hand on a clock hahaha