VEX Starstruck Design Discussion

The title is exactly what it is. Lets discuss designs to manipulate this beast of a scoring object.

Obviously we will need some sort of catapult, to launch these, but i can’t think of an effective way to actually transfer force into the game object

maybe a modified clawbot…

Okay so here is my plan.

1)2 motor didirectional pivot intake with axles or thin objects kinda like some sack attack pleciglass scoops to slide under the starrs or the spaces gaps inbetween the field. This can slide under cubes or stars.

  1. 4 torque motor slip gear rubberband catapult that the intake flips these back into. The catapult will be as wide as the robot to launch multiple cubes and stars.

  2. 4motor turbo drive for speed purposes

  3. elevator chain lift with a cap to go over the post to pull up with 2 torque motors and sprockets

It will be a fun year and interesting to see other plans!

It’s a 6 pointed star how is that hard to pick up or manipulate.

I don’t even know how to start on an intake

Im thinking a multi ponted intake that slides in the spaces inbetween the field and star that can be flipped back. Obvipusly no claw or rollers will be plausible

Why do you need an intake if it has 6 points there will most likely be 3 points always in contact just scoop under that and fling

Robots in the toss up reveal might work

For hanging karthik is basically wanting you to make the IFI hanger from FRC Breakaway. Just google FRC 1114 2010 hang

By ‘intake’ I mean game object manipulator

i didnt see any rule stopping a robot going OVER the fence, is this legal?

You aren’t allowed to enter your scoring zone.

Legal, but can’t touch your own zones, or grapple. You could climb the fence, though.

You are not allowed to touch the tile, you are allowed to hover over it.

<SG6> Robots may not make contact with the foam tiles in their own Zones. (i.e. Robots may not
contact the Zones across the fence from their Alliance Station) Minor violations of this rule that do not
affect the match will result in a warning. Egregious (match affecting) offenses will result in
a Disqualification. Teams that receive multiple warnings may also receive a Disqualification at the
head referee’s discretion.

Yes, sorry, I misinterpreted the question.

This idea may function in this game.

what about a conveyer intake that is slanted to push the object over the fence

too large

Chain wouldn’t align correctly after expanding from 18 in.