Vex Starstruck Game Pieces Deformed?

Anyone else have this problem?
The one on the right has a rectangular hole and the one on the left has a square hole.
Also, it doesn’t look very straight.

Do they fit together ok?

They probably still fit together. We’re going to wait until we put them together for now though.

Lol and I just opened a pack of 3.25 Inch Omni wheels and one is missing a roller

Ask VEX Support for a replacement. To me it looks well out of spec. Dimensions are in game manual Appendix A.
I guess there will be some variance between pieces and hopefully some dimensional tolerances will be provided by VEX/GDC. At the moment only weight tolerance is specified in the game manual.
Out of interest what does the deformed piece weigh?

We used an omni wheel that was missing a roller and didn’t notice until states.

We don’t have this problem, but as long as they fit together okay, I’m pretty sure they’ll work.

I just ordered a cortex bundle, and it was missing the cortex! Could VEX send me another one please?