Vex Starstruck Hanging Clarification

In Nothing But Net, there was a rule where your robot could not deploy a ramp until the last 30 seconds. In Vex Starstruck, we have pole climbing. However, in the manual there is no mentioning of when you can climb up the pole. Does that mean that you could theoretically immediately climb up the pole and hang there for the whole game? Or are you only allowed to hang during the last thirty seconds of the match, when driver load cubes are also put into play?

You could climb up whenever you want like in toss up but I don’t really see the advantage of climbing at the beginning of the match


@jpearman could you clean this up please?

I thought of this idea for auton. What if you hung? You could get 12 points in auton! But will that be allowed? Then after auton, going into driver control, you get off the pole and drove around then. Its just a thought

Yeah some people have suggested it already and the consensus was that it would probably be allowed, but it would take some time out of driver control and also the points arent counted until the end of the match so you would have to hang again to get it added onto your final score

I think that if you chose to climb during autonomous and were successful, the points would count toward the determination of the autonomous winner. However, if you came down and drove around the field and did not climb at the end of the match, you would not receive the points for having climbed.

I believe that hanging in autonomous would count for your APs

yes, i do too, theres no rules against it, and it doesn’t have time restictions

Same. I was just thinking if one was to end up with an alliance member that can only climb and nothing else besides bulldozing i feel like they might as well just get it over with

Well this brings up the question whether you can have one robot climb during auton and the other hang during driver control

If both robots are able to climb, I see no reason that would prevent one from climbing during auton., coming down and the other climbing at the end of the match. As long as there is only one climbing robot at a time, I think this is OK.