Vex Starstruck Intake Design Pt. 2

So here’s the second part of the first intake designs, I made this so you could easily get to the bottom, the last one was getting to big.

So to summarize the last post, the main types of intakes proposed so far are forklifts, side-rollers with some sort of hook for catching stars, and bulldozer style. Of course claws are also feasible but not very efficient for quick scoring.

Here is a video I suggest everyone watch from Clean Sweep because it’s VERY similar to our competition this year:

I really want to build a robot similar to the Blue Alliance robot with the two stage dump.

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Thats actually not a bad design, if you made the 2nd part a launcher you would be perfect.

yea thats what i want to use

Its actually perfect.

Then we know what to build:)

Yeah goodluck, it will definitely be interesting. Watching other clean sweep finals for ideas will be really helpful

Hey check this is out, look at the blue robot on this team that has a very similar two stage intake to the other one I sent. Except two big differences that are important. 1: It has a forklift style intake if you were still planning on doing that instead of just a dump (which would be benificial because it would reduce the risk of having to run up against a wall). And 2: It’s second stage has a hidden catapult like we were talking about. It’s a little weaker than what we would need but the design is still very very helpful. Definitely worth looking at.

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That was a perfect thing, add a better catapult mechanism and you have the perfect robot, in theory w/my eyes

Yeah It’s going to be awesome. I’m going to stop building my lift and start building something like this instead. I stumbled across gold and it was completely on accident. Bless the Vex Gods

Could’t have said it better myself, but if youve seen the other one that is simpler a second ago i kinda like that robot a litter better, it is lighter and easy to build.

Just make sure you can launch over wall bots and don’t forget about high hanging!

Yeah I did see it. I thought it was interesting.

Its pretty much the same thing, except in the one above you can have some more in the first stage of intake.

Yeah I know which is why I was also contemplating another very very similar design except for one thing. instead of having a hidden catapult in the second stage, have the second stage sitting on a lift. So I can just lift up then forcibly dump up really high and then I can use the lift and have a hook on the robot that goes into the pole and then the lift does all the work.

Im still contemplating which one for my final design but I will probably end up prototyping both at some point. I’m building the one without the lift first because it will be simpler and quicker.

Yeah and you can hold stars easier which in my opinion is what sets it aside from the tiny one. You can’t pick up multiple stars very well using it since the intake is the outtake. But its still feasible. It’s just with a little bucket on the back you can store the stars and it makes scoring a lot faster.

you can still score about the same, it takes the same time to get 3 stars 2 times, as 6 stars, + you have to reload so it may still be faster.

Once again I found another gem from Clean Sweep, this one I’m not going to personally do but its kind of cool if you liked the idea of launching 15 stars at the last second
Obviously the stars are a lot bigger than footballs and you wouldn’t use rollers, but its something to think about.

Yeah… It depends on if you are shooting three stars at a time from anywhere on the field or if you are moving close up to the bar everytime you shoot. If you can effectively get three stars in the far zone from your far zone then I’d say it could take you far, but as is it would do really well in the early season but as the robots get more complex I predict it losing more. I see it being a regional winner in early season matches though which is still very important.

Glad to see the pt 2 is a hit