Vex Starstruck Intake Design Pt. 2

Man, I’m in my basement with a tornado about 9 mile or so away, wish me luck

Haha, don’t die, I want to see how your robot develops!


Why are the Clean Sweep robots so slow? 269 motors?

So back to intakes, I still think that if you could get one of these to work it would be really good

yeah instead of the first stage lift, have one of those that empties into a bucket that can either catapult or dump. It could be just as fast if you get it to work really well

Well, I wanted to do something like toss up with a catapult like toss up where it is in the middle.

Or if I do a dump, I’ll just do a platform like fork lift that flips into a bucket on a lift that would dump

Oh well still I really like your idea of the intake if you can get it to work properly, I’m still going to do a scoop at first because its much easier and I think very similar in effectiveness.

Yeah this is one of my ideas, along with the one from that clean sweep video which is very similar but with a catapult instead

Yeah, I always like something different. I had the idea of the intake and catapult originally and seeing people disregard them on the forum made me want to do it even more

They didnt even have those. Iт was all the old 3 wire motors. 269s came out in round up.

If someone could get a working intake like the ones I have shown in pictures than they could pick up 2-3 stars at a time, and they could do it quite quickly without use a something else to push the game object up. If you can get this working, there is so many different possibilities. You could make a robot that just un-intakes them and dumps them over the wall, or you could have a different dumper that you could store a ton in. You could also make catapults or something else to launch the pieces. I’m thinking something like a toss up catapult that is a bar in the middle of the intake that could either be pulled back slip gear, or pneumatics. But these are just a few things you could do, what do you guys think?

I would totally work on making one like that if I had one of the stars to mess around with. And when I get my hands on one I’m going to look back into it and see what I can do, but for now Im building a scoop which doesnt necessarily need to push against the wall if you build it well.

With intakes this year you need to be able to pick up the stars and cubes in any orentation. The issue with the forklift idea many teams are thinking of is that you will be wasting time lining up your forks to pick up the star. Some might think well you could just have a fast drivetrain to compensate. That really won’t fix the problem. Also the forks can only pick up one cube unless you have multiple pairs of forks. But then you have more weight which will make lifting harder and slower. To be successful in this game teams will need to be able to pick up multiple objects at a time. It will also be helpful if you use your intake for more than just intaking.#303

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Thank you 5233J, can’t wait to see what your teams do.

Well the need of picking up more than one cube at a time isnt going to be very important, plus it all depends on your launcher, if you have a dump truck style launcher you can hole more than one cube.

And as for the lining up of the forklift, its really not going to be all that complicated considering there are multiple different orientations where you can lift up the stars. If you get one fork on one side of the star and the other on the other side you are pretty much going to be able to lift the star because of its geometry. We talked about it a little in part one of the Intake Design post

I don’t think an intake will be able to pick up more than 1 cube, maybe 2. But yeah you can pick up about 3 stars.

If you saw the design from Clean Sweep I sent, I think it could very well hold two cubes

Oh well the intake maybe not, but the robot itself could probably launch two cubes at a time if for some reason it needed to