Vex Starstruck Intake Designs

Share you ideas on how to pick up these new star like scoring objects!

I am not sure I am going to get this to work but I am working on some sort of spatula kind of thing that could flip the items over. I am afraid that intake devices that we saw in Nothing but Net will not work due to the weird star and geometric shape of the “stars.” Please respond with your thoughts!

I am thinking of two axles that flip down and can slide on the sides of the stars and under the cubes

This design is my original thought.

This idea does not sound bad but it would be a very original design.

I think the pneumatic cylinders will play a big role in this new competition. I think the possibility of having a pneumatic claw, akin to the sort we saw in the Skyrise Competition, that can adjust to different widths will appeal to many teams. The only problem would be running out of air. What are your thoughts on this?

I want to try and make a tank tread intake with hooks on it so the latch onto the star, bot sides may be tilted at a 45 degree angle so they go down after going up

I have pondered with the idea of a claw and am not personally fond of it but you gave me the idea of using a roller intake with pegs that go between the spikes which then flips the star up.

I believe this idea may become a very effective and popular design.

I think that by the end of the season were going to be seeing rapid intakes to shoot multiple stars at a time to overwhelm the opposing alliance. However, I dont think pneumatics are going to be plausible to use that much becuase of the two tank limit that is still in place and the ammount of times that shooters and claws would need to be used during the matches. Also, claws would require extreme accuracy becuase of the odd angle of the arms on the stars

I am currently thinking of a rapid intake similar to those in highrise if that is what you are thinking.

What I can’t wait for is to see all these different robots. There are so many different thing you could do. In Skyrise, it was either a scizzor lift, elevator lift, or bar-lift. In Nothing But Net, it was either a flywheel, catapult, or a pinball shooter. But this year there are so many different things that could happen!

See the thing is tho the highrise cubes would have been a lot easier to grab onto, Im almost wondering if the intakes (especially early on like sack attack) will have no moving mechanisms other than manipulation arms

I remember at the beginning of NbN, we design a pneumatic mortor that would reload with a claw!

Is anyone else on Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD while on the forums on the same time

Im guessing your tanks were out of air at the end of the matches

Similar to a forklift?

Yes pretty much what I was thinking of with one pivot point on the drive train and then one pivot at the fork part of the intake. I think the whole thing could be done with two motors becuase of the lightness of the game pieces

Similar to this?

Yeah basically probably two of those center fork lifts side by side without the side pieces and then have those flip back down a polycarb ramp to a rubberband catapult