Vex Starstruck Intake Designs

What if you took the two big prongs and put them on a modified catapult and made the intake multifunction as the launcher

That might work but then there would have to be a standardized way to prevent the star from being stuck on the prongs

I think a slightly modified version of this robot may work.

Well, it was more of a silly idea, we didn’t even build it

I’m sure you could

That is one of the two robots in the starstruck design thread I’ve foun would be really good, the other uses a forklift to align the star and a puncher to launch the star/cube

Yeah this was the first thing I thought of but instead of a strong catapult to launch it from the ground, I was thinking a lift that had fork prongs on the front. So it forks up stars and then rises up and flips it over the back. So in autonomous it could also lift up and knock all of the stars off the wall and get the bonus and even play a little defense when necessary.

I am wanting to make a slanted intake tray and in the front you have two rubber band intakes that are on the side. The two rubber band intakes are 12" apart so that you can intake a cube but the sprockets you use are big enough so that when you intake a star the rubber bands can bend around the edges of it.

Very nice, I was thinking hooks, but your idea is also good

And maybe I don’t but a sproket in the middle so it would somewhat bend

Problem I see would be the stars getting caught in the bands. My ideal intake would probably be more of a double forklift like earlier what was mentioned earlier.

What’s up with the forklifts, they are going to have to be very flat if you want to pick it up without a wall or another game pieces help getting on. And if you can do this, are you just going to fling the piece while its on the forklift. Any double roller intake would be much faster. (Sorry, got carried away)

The point of the forklift is the fork, which would allow you to pick up in the middle of the field. Think about spaghetti. If you use a fork to eat it, you don’t need to ram it into a wall to pick it up.

Yeah the stars are designed perfectly (well not perfectly) for a forklift intake, you can just slide the forks under the arms of the star and then launch it with a catapult or lift and dump. Or lift and launch. Etc.

You stab spaghetti, and these aren’t noddles.

i was actually thinking of a tri-sided catapult holder, which would be winched or driven with a worm gear back, pulling elastics, it would reach under, scoop up, and release when at a position with good tension

Can someone pls prototype side rollers asap.

What was your idea for getting the stars into the catapult? I may be misunderstanding you a little, sorry.

I don’t think anyone even has a game piece yet. But I agree ASAP

Has anybody come up with a way to make like makeshift game pieces yet? I want stuff to use before I can get the official game pieces. Like how you could use any 4 inch foam ball for NBN or PVC pipe for skyrise sections.