VEX Starstruck Match - Any suggestions?

Here’s a video out VEX robot -who we named Asimov - in action. Our robot is the one that starts of in the right. Since we didn’t have an alliance I drove the one on the left. Any suggestions/criticism is welcome! Thanks in advance
Starstruck Match Link
EDIT: Here’s another match. This time we started on the right.
Match 2

We didn’t have autonomous because we had to COMPLETELY REDO al of our programming at the competition lol.

In situations like these i would just program a drive forwards program.

Yeah we were thinking of that but idk why we didn’t.

I think it was because we had to go to our first round and just forgot about it. Lol.

So do you guys have any other suggestions?

You could start byresearching on the forum and on other sources to build a more efficient robot Ie: better dumper/knocking down star mechanism and maybe a new hanging mechanism so that you can be more competitive.

I agree with Justin. Look up 4 bar linkages; that would definitely help you lift more weight faster. Try making a better intake as well; right now large trays are very popular.

Yeah, no one at our competition or the high school competition hung, so I don’t know if there was something wrong but we totally need a good hanging system if we do hang next time so thanks for the tips!

I posted another video on a different match