Vex Starstruck Mid-Season Thoughts

What are your thoughts on starstruck so far? Any type of design you like better than others, why? Also, what design are others doing. I myself am doing a claw bot that has a 6 motor lift, 2 piston claw, and 4 motor base.

This game is not as lovable as NbN and Skyrise. U either destroy your opponent, or get destroyed. It isnt fun for less competitive teams.

That is true, plus the fact that pushbots can win easily makes me upset.

What type of game would you people want next year?

Water polo

Sounds awesome. Submarines as robots

Water game for sure.


What about a game where you had to shoot the other robot.

Too expensive. Far, far too expensive.

what is everyone doing for designs this year. I still have yet to be amazed by an insane robot idea that no one has thought about yet.

The thing is, no one’s willing to share those ideas :wink:

Or no one has an amazing robot yet!

I can say for a fact that isn’t true.

Ik I’m just being sarcastic

But I can say for a fact that is true

Water game!

Space Game

Anti-gravity game.

maze games

Drone game. (Fly through hoops or something?)