Vex Starstruck Question

I looked through the game manual, and I didnt see anything about robot and programming skills.
If there aren’t any this year, is there going to be a different way for worlds qualifications?
For Ex: Last year, the top 30 programming skills and robot skills scores qualified for worlds.


There is going to be skills.

They will remove all the objects from one side of the court and put the robot on the other side. Then you will have to score like a regular match.

Appendix B & C

Ok thanks.

Here’s a picture of the skills field setup.

yeah they will still have skills, they will just set up the field different for skills runs

Where did you see that? What competition would you have to be in the top 15 for to qualify for worlds?

Hm, skills bots will have to be able to get the fence stars to the two-poibt zone to be the best. That’s not necessary in a competition bot. So there will be some differences in skills and competition bots.