VEX Starstruck Robot Model Ideas

Not exactly sure of what to do for the star struck competition. I have some launching ideas, which i will not reveal to prevent helping other teams, and not entirely sure about the loading mechanism. Got anything

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Please be sure to search for existing threads before creating a new one.

@DRow Well i’m sorry for trying to do a demonstration to my class. This account is a teacher at Jackson. I am trying to show my students how to collaborate on this website. Sorry for helping my students.

I’m not sure if you meant be heated about this discussion (you sound very sarcastic), but it would be best to show your students to collaborate on the website using the links DRow posted.

It reduces clutter, leads them to the largest collection of ideas for this season, and introduces them to many active members of this forum which they can network with in the future.

The thing that confuses me is that you say you want to collaborate, yet you say

dude chill @JTC Robotics GISD

a good thing to do would than be to show them how others collaborate on those also.

@DracoTheDragon i know i should use those links but i was showing them how to create one as well

@JustinM i dont want to share my ideas but… ok that makes sense.

@JTC Robotics GISD - I find it hard to believe that you are a teacher. If you are, you are severely lacking in professionalism. When teaching students how to “collaborate”, you should do it in the manner that the forum you choose to use expects it users to operate. On this forum, it becomes way to cluttered if dozens of people make posts about the same exact thing.

Ok, everybody just take a breath and a step back. The only response the OP needed was directions to a few other threads on the same topic. However, for the sake of minimal clutter (my robotics team has enough in our room), always search for a topic before creating a thread. This reduces the number of threads we have so we can find the ones we are looking for when we search, like the Intake Design thread that is so popular it needed a sequel.

On another note, does anyone else see “Deleted by Original Poster” on DracoTheDragon’s post yesterday? I’ve never seen that before, and I didn’t know that the OP has permission to delete posts. Is this accurate?

I see it too. I guess the original poster does have permission to do this.

I don’t think that’s supposed to be allowed… I thought only admins could do that, and OP is definitely not an admin

@Original Poster is an administrator.

Now that makes sense, I thought that might be the case