VEX Starstruck Scouting Sheets

My school’s teams are gearing up for the state tournament on Saturday. As part of prep work, I wrote up a scouting sheet to aid in scouting and alliance selection. I’m posting it here to see what everyone else thinks about it, and to also share it with other teams that may be interested in it.

This scouting document, apart from the Notes section, was written to fit onto a double sided sheet of paper. Parts of this document can also be easily rewritten to adapt to future games. The Alliance Selection Preference header is for teams that are high enough to head up an alliance of their own, so that they can rank and select what teams they want on their alliance.
VEXTeamScoutingSheetStarstruck.docx (18.2 KB)

I would always advocate for diagrams and pictures to be used i the place of words. For example, have a overhead view of the field and draw where their autonomous runs and what it scores. Much easier to understand that way.

Otherwise looks pretty good. Very thorough.