Vex Starstruck Strategy

Has anyone thought of cleaning out your far zone in the last 20 - 30 seconds of the match. By this I mean that you should quickly shove all the scoring objects out of your alliance’s far zone into the near zone. This would be a quick way to reduce your opponent’s points at the end of the match.

Yes, this has already been thought of. Fairly straight forward, it reduces scoring value for the opposition. However, if you’re taking the time manipulate the pieces it might be more worth your time to actually score them, resulting in removing points from your opponent’s score, and gaining some yourself.

with a well thought out plow it would take you much less time to clear the far zone than to score all the pieces that are there

With a well thought out manipulator designed to handle large amounts of game pieces condensed in a small amount of space, it will take you just as much time. Depends on the route you’d like to take with your robot. The most effective way to determine the most efficient method is to prototype.

A powerful horizontal spinner would shoot all the pieces from the far zone to the near in just one pass.

As I said - prototype. You can prototype that, you might be surprised with the results. Not a mechanism that I would recommend, but your call.

If you have a catapult you can score the objects directly out of the far zone. Each star taken out of your side’s far zone and placed in your scoring far zone results in a 4 point shift in your favor (-2 of your opponent’s points, + 2 points for you). Simply moving the stars to your sides near zone results in only a one point shift in your favor.
Even a near zone dumper results in a 3 point shift, so even if that dumper took 3 times longer to score then you can push a star, it’s still equal.

You would be doing that for most of the match, however clearing out your far zone in one pass in the last 30-ish seconds is probably more worth it because it is quick and ensures that nothing will be blocking the hanging post, which will make hanging much easier. Also when you dump the stars back over the fence you give your opponent more scoring material.

Not sure how this even relates to your original post. Clearing out your far zone is one of the core principles of StarStruck gameplay - it isn’t even really up for question. The points that you have brought up for clearing the far zone have been discussed since Day 1:
-Clearing hanging post
-Limiting scoring
-Scoring the game pieces that the opposition has scored
-Overwhelming towards the end of the match to prevent the return of scoring objects

Of course it is a good Idea. I guess what I meant, was if any one had thought of using a sweeper or an angled plow to do it.

Then quickly disregarded it after we realized that scoring these objects is much more efficient and worth your time, as explained by NJIT Robotics Club and myself.

According to the math, its only worth it if you can clear them out 3 times faster then you can near zone dump or 4 times faster then you can catapult them/ far zone dump them. The only way I see this happening is if you have a dedicated mechanism to push the stars out at the end.
If you can achieve this speed, then go ahead, build and deploy that strategy. Although I think its probably better to wait until the last 10 seconds to do this.