Vex Starter Kit


I’m interested in Vex sets and I plan on buying the starter kit soon. I am wondering whether the starter kit sold at RadioShack ( is the same one sold on the VexLabs site ([…except $200 less.

Where is the best place to buy Vex kits / parts and why?

Also, while I’m shopping, what other Vex parts should I buy that are useful?

Thanks.](…except $200 less.)

the cheaper kit is exactly the same just cheaper because radioshack stores will no longer stock Vex parts. If you plan on competing with your robot i would suggest a programming kit and also the power kit because it takes a pile of batteries to these robots especially if you run a bunch of motors.

Great. I just picked up the last Starter Kit and Power Pack from my local Radio Shack.

lucky you. i got mine for full price a year and a half ago.

I would love to get another kit, just cant afford to buy from the site and none of the radio shacks within 3 hours of where I live have these things in stock :frowning:

You think if I found one in a store, they would ship to me after payin w/ credit card over phone :S ?

I’d pay someone if they wanted to pick one up and ship to me! o_0

See the Thread EasyC CD

This is how I got my Programming Kit… Try other Zip Codes.

try and get the starter kits from radioshack quick b/c they are trying to get rid of their stock and are selling them for about $100 bucks a peice=cheap.
don’t get them off ebay b/c you will spend $130-240 for one. Radioshack is the best bet. the rest you can buy from Vexlabs for about the same price.

I think you will find that all Radio Shack Stores have returned the VEX lineup. I was scouring the Chicagoland area for bits and pieces after Christmas and when I did get lucky, the staff had already pulled it off the shelves or were in the process of doing so… even in the big mall stores. I also enquiried to Radio Shack online, but they are not supplying them direct. You may find some if you can find an independant franchise store, that had them in stock. (Radio Shack is made up of mainly corporate stores, with franchise stores in low traffic areas like out in the countryside.)

I was lucky. The guy at the store mentioned that he hadn’t sold one of the kits for a long time, and it was the last one hiding in a corner in the back of their storage room.

Eh… I wouldn’t mind getting lucky once ;/ I have been searching through the radio shack site in hopes to find a store that has VEX parts in stock. It seems that many places have the battery kit, but that is about it.

1 out of 10 stores seem to have the starter kit, or atleast shows they do. I have only found 2 stores that have the accessories, I called 1 store and asked about them and they said “all parts are on hold for someone” I called the other store and everything went well, they said they would ship everything I wanted. He rung up the price and said $450, needless to say THIS radio shack was selling them at the retail value instead of them being discounted, guess thats why they still had everything in stock, even the programming kit.

At the moment all I have is the starter kit. I am wanting a programming kit along with some accessories (chain kit, other sensors, tank threads and so on) was even going to pick up another starter kit for extra parts, but guess I will hold off on them considering the prices on the VEX site seems pretty high. I rather not drop $600 (on top of the $250 I have already spent) on a hobby I just got into even though I enjoy it.

Maybe I should have choosen a different, cheaper route when i decided to learning about robotics :wink:

get 2 starter kits it has more parts for the buck than buying he parts seperately
that is what i did.


Radioshack is selling Vex parts at a significant loss in a clearance sale. They are in a “sell until gone” situation. If you can find Vex parts at Radioshack, go for it.


although it’s a hush hush thing probably, will any retailers be carrying Vex anytime soon with Radioshack virtually out of the mix?

I seem to recall seeing somewhere that new retailers will begin carrying VEX stuff sometime relatively soon, but I don’t think they’ve given us any more info than that.

You guys are not going to beleive this, but I started out about with 2 starter kits like stonebot, and am now going to buy 5 more along with some accessories from a radio shack in Des Moines, Iowa. I did my research for 2 whole nights and finally found a store in Iowa that I could buy vex items from! I’m so glad that I have a job because the bill is a little over $600.:eek: (I’m probably going to sell 4 of the 5 starter kits on ebay brand new soon.)

Wow that is lucky. I tried to get my own kits(I use my schools right now) but its seems all the radioshacks in my area are out.:frowning:

e-Bay is also a good source.

Take a look:

Over a year ago, I obtained a starter kit ever since then I have been cleaning the radio shack stores clean of all their Vex products. I have many add-ons including the programming kit, which was the last one in the whole area. Lucky me! The stores in the Chicago land area hardly have any stuff left.

i wish radio shack still stocked vex parts. It was so nice to go there and get what i needed fast instead of waiting for shipping.

i would sugest a motor kit and a wheel kit.