VEX Stats 2014

I put together a simple ranking of the top teams in VEX based purely off skill scores. Obviously this is not the only way to rank teams, so feel free to add your own magic formula for computing the best !

I’m thinking about adding a user voting process,
if you are interested, take a quick survey to rank the Top VEX teams.

While this is good and skills scores do often portray how good a team is, ranking teams based off of a win/loss percentage would give an accurate estimation of how good a team is while in competition, instead of just skills runs.
If there was some formula that added each: a teams programming, driving, and wins/losses… it would give the most accurate depiction on how good a team actually is.

Also you could have a team’s average score.
What I did for my scouting system is got all the event results from my state ( and threw them all into a MySQL database and calculated stats from there. I had to exclude matches with 0 score because one of the events’ results weren’t completely entered (all scores were 0) and it would throw the average score off.
But yeah with event results you could have a ton of useful statistics :smiley:

We do great in matches, but our skills scores are terrible because we haven’t ever actually used our skills program, because we have had no need to really try in skills.

So I think this is inaccurate.

well now, you do indeed have a need to try :wink:

Can you update the list since they just entered my score.

Yes, we have some good skills we were working on for our state championship.

Now you need to do the top 50 :wink: We fell a bit short of the top 25.

I will update the list next week after the (3/2) final week of robot skills.

If enough people vote, I might add in a team vote percentage into the combined rank equation

Interesting that it seems as if you only included teams that are top 30 in robot skills. Team 26 has a robot skills of 79 and programming of 57 which according to your formula puts us at 73.5 and tied for 13th on your list. Our scores were updated on the 22nd of February before you list was compiled.

79 * .75 = 59.25
57 * .25 = 14.25

59.25 + 14.25 = 73.5

Robot Skills 79-currently 39th on the World Skills Rankings
Programming Skills 57- currently 10th on the World Skills Rankings

Just for kicks, I wanted to try coming up with my own list incorporating teams’ average scores and tournament results… I don’t think it’s necessarily more accurate though – I used GaelForce Scouting to come up with a lot of the data, but sometimes the stats seemed off or events weren’t updated. I also couldn’t find event results from many Singaporean teams (8066, 8065, etc.), so they kind of dropped off the list, even though I know some of them should be up there. I included teams in the top 150 of robot skills.

Total score = (Robot Skills0.3)+(Prog Skills0.2)+(Avg Score*0.5)+Tournament

For “Tournament,” it’s basically how far you get in a tournament.
*]1 pt = participant
]2 pt = qfinalist
]3 pt = sfinalist
]4 pt = finalist
]5 pt = champion
Add that all up and divide by (5
number of tournaments). For example, my team 9090C was a champion at 5 tournaments and a finalist at 2, so (5
7) = 33/35 ~ 0.94

Let me know how I can improve this. :slight_smile: Happy analyzing.
Top 50 Total Score.pdf (179 KB)
Top 50 Average Score.pdf (178 KB)

Cool, I like this better than purely skills rankings.

It seems that this under ranks tournament. 60 robot skills and 30 programming skills which is not near the top
60*.55 is 33
30*.45 is 13.5
even a perfect rating of winning every tournament would add 1 point to that.

Thanks to many who have posted on this thread for top rankings ! Scouting is very difficult in VEX and the more we can do to discuss the actual statistics, the more teams will benefit.
Here is another updated ranking of teams with inclusion of popular vote.

It will be interesting to see how these teams are distributed throughout the 5 divisions.

359A will not be in the World. 7090A is in middle school .