Vex strategy app

What does the Vex world think of a strategy app based on our strategy boards?

We are in the development stages right now and wonder if there is any interest.


Two Pencil Designs

Would it be like a strategy board background and then the ability to draw on the board the way they do in sports replays?


How big? Phone/iPod size, or iPad size? I don’t know how helpful phone size would be…

Ability to save strategies to file would be nice - then you don’t have to re-draw each time…

We are thinking of going that route plus a few more features.

We will look into that. Thanks.

hmm, i was thinking something like movable game pieces and “robots”

That sounds good too.

Keep all the ideas coming guys, we are here to develop this app for you!

Maybe after a few seasons when there are common strategies, have a little animation (with squares, for robots, and balls)
for example, the “tubes under the ladder” strategy for round up

Any other ideas or comments for us?

We love to hear them and hope to make a very good app for you guys!