Vex stuff for sale....

Keep in mind that all this stuff is new in the box. Only opened the manual in the main set. All the parts are still sealed and all the extra stuff has not been opened either. Prices shown are actual.

  1. Vex Robotics Design System V.5 - $300
  2. Programming Kit - $100
  3. Line Tracker Kit - $40.00
  4. Hardware and Metal Kit - $80.00
  5. Vex Power Pack - $50.00
  6. Wheel Kit - $30.00
  7. Sprocket and Chain Kit - $30.00
  8. Gear Kit - $13.00
  9. Tank Tread Kit - $30.00
  10. Servo Kit - $20.00
  11. Omni Directional Wheel Kit - $20.00
  12. Motor Kit - $20.00
  13. Ultra Sonic Range Finder Kit - $30.00
  14. Limit Switch Kit - $13.00
  15. Bumper Switch Kit - $13.00
  16. Light Sensor Kit - $20.00
  17. Optical Shaft Encoder Kit - $20.00
  18. Safety Glasses - $8.00

Total price: $837.00

Will sell for $425+ Shipping

$50.00 plus shipping for everything.

$50 and realistic shipping charges for all of the above?
($1/pound for UPS ground seems reasonable, let me know if it’s not)


How would you like to be paid?

Wow, how about a small bid war?

I’ll give you $100 + s&h :slight_smile:

Got responses after the big price drop.

I thought $400 for BRAND NEW stuff was pretty good. Everything is still factory sealed and everything.

I imagine if I unloaded this stuff for $50-100 it could be flipped real easily and more than doubled the money made.

Really, I can’t go below $400.

Just the extra parts is like $500+.

I would be better off keeping it in the closet if I got less.

But thanks guys for the interest.

For a comparison, there are a couple v.5 kits on ebay that haven’t sold, despite repeated relisting.

One collection that has sold recently is

For comparison purposes, that had a price of $350 (including shipping) and contained:



  • 2 - Hardware + metal kits (1 open, 1 new)
  • 2 - Gear kits (1 open , 1 new)
  • 2 - Packages of Omni directional wheel kit (4 wheels , new)
  • 5 - Motor modules (1 new)
  • 1 - Bump switch
  • 3 - Servo kits (2 new)
  • 1 - Light sensor kit (new)
  • 1 - Ultrasonic range module (new)
  • 2 - Limit switch kits (new) 4 switches total
  • 1 - Optical shaft encoderkit (new) 2 total
  •    Extra gears
  • 1 - Line tracker kit (new)

The big note here are the whopping number of extra motor modules and servos.

I agree. $50 is way too low a price for what you’re selling. But given the cost of shipping, I don’t expect what you have to sell at $400+shipping anytime soon. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that given e-bay prices, it will be staying in the closet unless you find a buyer willing to pickup. (Since you don’t list your location, that makes things more difficult.)

My gut feeling is that $300 including shipping is probably close to right-price, if you can find a buyer. That buyer won’t be me though, I simply don’t need that much extra stuff.

i think you should hold off, you will find somebody willing to purchase it for around 400. just, if you do put it on eBay be smart about it, i find that having auctions end on a common payday or after holidays when people get money is good. also put a buy it now on it sometimes people get scared somebody will snag it from them while they are bidding and will pay more to prevent it.

The problem with taking your price and halving it is that for a while, all that stuff was half price at radio shack.

I also agree that $50 and $100 are huge low balls, it is worth more than that no question.

If they are all in original boxes, you would almost certainly make what you want or more if you parted it out yourself on ebay. I don’t think I’d auction the whole thing as one, if you are after the money.

I’m not after it to part out (still, how can you ever know), but I’ll up my offer to $200 + s&h. If you put it up on ebay parted all out, I’d probably bid on some of the items I actually wanted most too. But people who bid on ebay are stupid. I see them bid parts up to or over their cost from the store. Sometimes the s&h is so retarded that even if you stop at half the cost from the vex store, the s&h still bumps it over what it would cost new from them.

I hate ebay :slight_smile:

I guess I could consider parting it out separate.

Does anyone need particular parts and such?

Considering the high price on the new sets, I would think $200 for the main set itself is pretty good considering its basically unopened.

Doesn’t look half price to me here at :wink:

Yesterday was the past and today is now.

Half is, in fact, GOOD now.

And yet, they’re still in your closet.

Fryfrog is telling you what he’s willing to pay (and it’s more than me). From what I see, your choice is him, ebay, or back in the closet, In the meantime, the Wifi system, high-torque motor, and new microcontrollers will join the high strength gear sets and high strength chain and sprocket sets in making yesterday seem like, well, way back then.

There’s a reason American Science and Surplus is selling i-Sobots for $69.95 and that was Japan’s 2008’s Robot of the year selling for roughly $200 when it first came to America less than a year ago.

(And yes, I got mine from American Science and Surplus… This weekend I’m pairing up the Wiimote with it. ))

You deserve (and should) get as much as possible from selling your unused Vex stuff. No question. If you can ebay it and get more, do it. If you can part it out and sell it here (or on ebay), do it.

It is only my opinion that the fact that I got most of my stuff for half price from radio shack when it was on sale makes me feel like anything offered at half price or higher isn’t worth it.

If you part it out on ebay, I would be willing to get you could get between half and perhaps up to full price for almost every item, especially if it is still in boxes and you take some good pictures. If you want top dollar for it all, that is the way to go no question.

I’d also agree with bons, the whole set together is pobably worth ~$300 at least and you should surely be able to get that much or more for it on ebay.

If you were going to let it go cheap, I’d be happy to get a good deal (which is why I offered $100 and $200), but at 50% off it just isn’t that great a deal for me.

You could also donate it to a local high school that does Vex, you might even be able to write off the entire ~$800 for tax purposes (but I don’t know **** about taxes).

(And yes, I got mine from American Science and Surplus… This weekend I’m pairing up the Wiimote with it. ))

I heard about the Wi-fi and stuff. I guess thats coming “real soon” now.

I guess less than 50% off is bad nowadays.

WHODATHUNKIT. :slight_smile:

I do have the stuff on Craigslist. Of course, Vex is NOT QUITE as popular or well known as Lego Mindstorms.

I had 2 sets on Craigslist and had about 6 responses within 24 hours.

Maybe I should just finally open the stuff up and use it. :wink:


Been looking at the upcoming Wi-Fi upgrade.

So I guess the micro-controller I have can be upgraded?


Might just keep this stuff now. Sounds interesting to say the least.

Have not looked at the Vex page for a while.

I don’t know if you know about these other 2 new products that will be coming out soon or not, but you might also find them reasons to keep your VEX kit:

1). Power Expander - allows you to run 4 drive motors off of a seperate 7.2v battery and it has an analog output so the microcontroller can monitor the voltage.

2). LCD Module - a 2 line by 16 character LCD display with 3 programmable user buttons and backlight.

If you could bring the price for the starter kit down to $150 I will buy it. That is a good deal less than you would pay for it from Vex but it is more than I payed for mine ($140) and it was new.

Titan 103

I got a starter set on craigslist for $75 once. I recently got a starter set + tank treads + power (batteries, no charger) for $125. You can get good deals, you just have to keep your eye open and pass on the not so good deals.

Looks like I probably got the whole lot sold for $400. A high school physics teacher bought a Vexplorer from me and wants the rest of it. They are about to have a fund raiser in the next week or so nad really want the stuff so I am happy it will be put to good use. I got an okay price and I think they got a good deal as well. :slight_smile:

This stuff is like buying a car.

Once you pay for it, the value drops like a rock.

Yes, and I’d like to make offers on some of the parts if you’re still willing to separate.

  1. Vex Power Pack - $30.00
  2. Sprocket and Chain Kit - $20.00
  3. Servo Kit - $15.00
  4. Motor Kit - $15.00
  5. Optical Shaft Encoder Kit - $15.00