Vex sumo ring size?

I’m making up a bunch of different challenge tables for my class and I want one of them to be a sumo challenge. Is there a standard size for vex sumo or can I just make it a 4 foot diameter?

VEX is always a good idea for these robot events. It’s easy to use and pretty efficient, but it’s not the best kind of kit out there because the motors are quite weak. But, as far as kit’s go, your best shot is with VEX. The next best is to salvage motors off of toys and somehow attach them to a frame, but that’s obviously harder. Seriously though, most of the people at states and nats will be using VEX with some other parts added in.

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There is not really a standard VEX Sumo competition. However, for LEGO MINDSTORMS, the most common ring size is 4ft. You should also set limits on the size and weight of the robots. If it’s a classroom activity, you can easily limit it to “parts from a Super Kit” or just make sure everyone is limited to the same set of parts.

On a 4 ft circle, a robot that fits into a 1 foot cube is a good size.


OK, 4 foot it is!

Anybody have any good ideas for other programming challenge fields? I’m setting up 4 boards the same size as the official vex fields. So far I have line follow (with an optional object they have to pick up and put back down inside a box on the line), a maze, and something similar to the high rise game. Right now I have 12 vex iq bots for grades 9-12 (plan on getting some regular vex bots for the higher grades in the future) so the programming challenges can be pretty advanced.