VEX Super Clawbot

Does a Full Completed code exist for the Super Clawbot. I’m a really bad coder an my students are building the super claw and we would love to see it in action. Can anyone help me?

No, it does not exist.

Are you looking to just map motor movement to a joystick? Or are you programming semi-autonomous/autonomous movement?
You could try and get a student more familiar with programming to start here, which teaches the basics of using robotC.

At the very least I want motor movement of at the base, arm and claw.


Is this the bot you are making?

Yes, that is the bot we are building.

I seem to remember that there was a pre-set code have you checked in the sample programs image Its under the file section FYI

Or there maybe on you can use for that purpose.

That is for the standard Clawbot, not the Super Clawbot.


The could modify it. But I would just recommend learning how to code with videos.