Vex SWORDS Lasertag platform

Check out my take on the SWORDS robotic weapons platform.

There are 3 picture total.

Tell me if you have any ideas for improvements.

Looks like fun!

How about adding a Potentiometer to the gun Depression/Elevation (D/E)mechanism so that you can program the robot to put it into specific preset angles.

How about creating a gun mount that can rotate up from 0 to 90 to 180 (in D/E) so that you can shoot behind yourself while driving forward? You might need to combine that with a modified chassis or an active device that keeps your Center of Gravity over your wheels.


Well I drove a real one, but this is pretty cool!

Time for some pan and tilt for that camera. Maybe add another one.

I remember reading that SERVO article on sword, awesome robot

I love the mix of vexplorer parts, kinda gives it a black trim which looks uber cool

looks very similar to the real SWORD, if only it has tank treads :rolleyes:

for those who haven’t seen the real SWORD: (although i believe there are a couple types)

oh and one more thing, this is lasertag PLEASE do not turn this into a vex is not a weapon thread

I am going to put treads on this but didn’t have time since I stayed up to 2 in the morning finishing this

I didn’t have enough room on the picture post but the robot can do these other things:

Pushing down on channel 5 (pushing up reloads) puts the robot in sensor mode (PIR sensor) and if it senses someone it starts shooting randomly until channel five is pressed by the controller. I have used this to guard a doorway and it got two hits on my brother.

Unfortunately, I have used up all of my motors (I am going to order some more when the new stuff comes out) so I can’t make it move and rotate unless I take off the tilt motor. :frowning: I was thinking about making it into a completely autonomous turret to guard whole rooms. With a detached ultrasonic sensor. Also mounting a light sensor and having everyone have a light attached to the robot.

Note: This plan is never to be made into a real weapon of any kind. This is only a lasertag and is for fun and proof of concept.

I worked on the 2.0 version yesterday a little.
Upgraded so far…
Wheels to Tank tread
Two cameras (one gunner, through scope and one driver)
I don’t have enough motors right now so vexexplorer controls the drive train
upgraded the reloader so it doesn’t have to spin all the way around

Working on…
making the lasergun turn
switch to switch from single shot, burst, and automatic
A pot. to control the default position

I’ll try to release a how to on this so is can be done with the lazertag platform i am using

*note this is not to be made into an actual weapon of any kind

Wow! Great job!:slight_smile: You could put in a watergun too!

I’d advise not to put a watergun since vex and water don’t mix well. :slight_smile:

My brother built a competing lasertag from only vexexplorer and a two (i think) erector parts. I’ll post pics soon.

I put treads on the swords but it was too bumpy and slow. I am upgrading a few think and adding some ideas and will post them soon.

very cool dude!