VEX T-Handles -- Discontinued

Hi Everyone,
So we’ve recently learned – T-Handles + Inexperienced Students = Trouble…

We’ve heard a number of complaints of situations where students are using the VEX 5/64" and 3/32" T-Handles from the VEX Performance Tool Kit (276-1645) to apply too much torque to a screw.

To help alleviate this we are going to stop shipping T-Handles and instead replace them with Screwdriver style allen-wrenches in all kits.
This is a rolling change, and will take affect in the coming weeks. The webpage will be updated appropriately soon – there will be no change to P/N or kit price.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this change.


That’s too bad, I like the T-handles for that very reason.

Do you have any pictures of the new version?

Obviously subjective, but I think this is a good move, I far prefer the screwdriver style over T handles, much quicker to use and enough torque for most situations. We always use this style in my professional life.

You can also get a lot of torque with the right-angle allen wrenches, but it’s easier with the T-handles. Another problem is that the ball-headed allen wrenches tend to strip the screws (until you cut the ball off).
My team likes the right-angle allen wrenches over the screwdriver-style because they’re cheap and our tools have a tendency to disappear.

I personally prefer the screwdriver handle way more than the t-handle. The t-handle was only ever really needed in very rare cases.

I definately support the change. Screwdriver type handles are definately the way to go. We have exclusively used the the ones with ball tips for 5 years, and still keep the conventional allen type wrenches for those screws in odd places where the screwdriver type will not work.

We use a small drill sometimes. It works GREAT!

I actually like these its just that some student probably apply too much torque and end up stripping all the screws, but i personally really liked these.

They work great for us. I don’t think we have any problems with our new guys stripping screws from what I have heard…

The ball ones only work for awhile and the ball ends up getting stripped…

We have had ball end drivers for over 4 years and they still work great. I think I remember 2 casualties out of the 20 or so we had. One actually snapped from too much torque being applied by a student. The other was a mis-use where the ball end rounded over and became useless. We just ground that end down for it to begin its second life.

I have to file the end every two minutes because the heads on the t handles strip out. I don’t know why but I’ve never had this problem with good old Allen wrenches.

I laughed when I saw this - we have had many problems with rounded screws, some of which needed a hacksaw to remove. Most likely a good idea in the long run for people new to Vex.

This seems like a student training issue, not a product issue.

I would understand stopping a product because of safety issues, not because students are applying to much torque and stripping screws.

Admitting you are much more likely to stab yourself with a T-handle.

Wow, I do believe this is not a great approach to solving the problem.
If you give a Drill to an untrained person, he will strip screws; Give a screwdriver to an untrained person, he will slowly strip screws.
Students will strip screws anyways, I think this would have been better off being an option rather than a imposition.
I personally liked the T handles because they had enough weight to spin them after the screw was loosened and it was quick to unscrew long screws.

Maybe a mix set would be a better option.

The option is still available to you. T-Handles with 3/32" and 5/64" HEX Drivers are available from any number of sources, including your local hardware store. We’re just choosing not to sell these anymore.