Vex Tank Tread Upgrade Kit

Hello All,
I am happy to announce the release of the Vex Tank Tread Upgrade Kit.

This kit is designed to enhance the functionality of the Vex Tank Tread Kit. The high-traction links will provide increased grip on smooth surfaces. The Conveyor Fins will allow for construction of conveyor-belts.

I recommend reading the kit instructions (posted on the above linked product page) for more information.


WOW, we needed this like two weeks ago! Thank you very much!

Very cool! It’s nice to see so many new accesories for the vex kits, I can’t wait to see what some people do with them.

Awesome, this is something that will surely help any team moving rings on the tread.

I wonder If this will change anyones design? Will the plows stay plows or change to tread?

this could really benifit some teams. i can’t wait to see how everyone will use these!:rolleyes:

We made our own version weeks ago. Hopefully ours will work better…:rolleyes:

I assume its ftc legal?

ask the game forum if its ftc legal but i assume it is

I had a design for something similar to this but i think that it would have been a waste of time and a few other things.

I would assume it is vex legal. If not, its construction was a sinister waste of time

I disagree with that statement. You need to remember that more people than those involved in the FTC* use the VEX kit. There are many other competitions and schools that use VEX in some way or another and this may be useful for them. My point being there are a lot of people who use VEX and are not involved in the FTC.

*And the FTC won’t even be using VEX for much longer…

im not part of any FTC team, but i still find that this kit has great potential for conveyor systems

It has great potental. We’re gonna order it soon and see how good it is for picking up FTC rings.

has that actually been officialy announced? i really hope that they continue to use it, ive been searching for something equal but theres really nothing

It has not been officially announced to my knowledge. On the first website, it says that they might possibly go beyond the vex system next year, but nothing is concrete

I can’t see what they would move up to. Maybe a small version of the FRC parts? We will have to see. I can’t think of anything the comes close to vex in most areas. :confused:

You guys this is a thread about the the New Tank Tread upgrade kit. If you want to continue this discussion start a new thread.

I really want to see someone use the parts to build a paddlewheel vex boat. One could control it using the basic tank controls, and the only real challenges would be buoyancy and making it watertight.

Unfortunately, most of my time is taken up by science olympiad, but I really want to see someone do this.

yes that would be cool, you can use the conveyer belt thing as ‘fins’

also theres a webpage somewhere that uses some vex parts to make a water robot, so it is very possible to make it bouyant and water-tight