Vex Tank

This Robot demonstrates the following:

  • 12V Device Control with Spike Relays
  • Use of Industrial Components
  • High Pressure Pneumatics
  • VexNet Wireless System
  • State Machine for Fire Control System
  • Structural Strength and Integrity
  • Fabrication Methods
  • Multiple Microcontrollers
  • LED Status Lights
  • Power Expanders
  • High Strength Gears
  • Remote On/Off Switches
  • Overall Coolness

Videos are on our YouTube Channel

What is your youtube channel? I can’t find it.

Nice robot by the way. It looks almost like a cross between a M1919 Browning Machine Gun and a Panzershreck… strapped to a King Tiger Tank.

I think Mr. Browning would have like this Robot

that is so awesome that I’m finding it hard not to drool on my keyboard. our school t-shirt cannon bot just got pwn3d. I see you found an application for your quad-track platform.

Beener, you are a lucky son of a gun. How many aluminum plates is that…30? Not to mention all of the other expensive stuff! That picture is now almost the only reason why i even come on here anymore.

I imagine the turret has no wires between the base using the multiple micro-controllers you mention in your post?

I can see how this could be done with recievers using the same channel frequency, but you say you are using wifi, so I’m curious how this works.

Also… no automated loading mechanism??? This poor tank is a one shot wonder :slight_smile:

It can still shoot air at you and dry out your eyeballs? I’d imagine that the tank could run over your feet too and it looks pretty heavy

Oww, that part about drying out your eyeballs reminded me about when i asked a question, “If you put a vacuum cleaner hose to your eye socket and turned it on, would your eyeball get sucked out?” Yeah… it kinda hurts to read, doesn’t it?

Not to get off topic, but your eyeballs would stay in because the muscles would hold it in.

Nice robot! I wish I had the money to build this! What does it shoot? In your videos, it looks like water baloons. And what kind of relays are they? If they work with vex, I might need one! Vex is amazing!

I’m pretty sure it was not shooting water balloons, I suspect they would disintegrate as soon as they were fired. My guess would be tennis balls, or something like that. In one video, I saw some paper or something come out, so possible it is oddly shaped objects in a sabot? (if that is how you say it).

I looked at it again and it looked like water was spraying out. Maybe it’s a water bottle.

Are you sure the “water” you are seeing isn’t the compressed air being released?

I was shooting 1lb. bottles of water. It blows the label off the bottle at 150psi. With the 400 cubic inch pressure tank and 1" high flow valve it really releases an enormous amount of energy very quickly.

The turret just bolts to the Tank. It could be removed and bolted to something else and still function.

Wow, that is insane. That explains the paper labels too :slight_smile: