Vex team ideas

Hi Vex Community! This year. 91917B’s team name(My team) is Red alliance. Do any of you guys have any idea what we could do to wear or show our team spirit? We have already thought of matching shirts, and pants, or like spraypainting our robot red, but we want to be extra energetic this year, and reallty show our excitement. Thank you all for reading this!

Not gonna lie, that is a kind of confusing name.

You probably want to keep in mind R13d.

Stickers are usually fun!


Ok. Thank you. While that is not my reasoning for wanting this name, my team’s reason is to mess with other people’s head so they are too busy being confused to do vex. While I think that is funny, that is not my reasoning.

It would be cool to bolt a laser-cut/engraved sasquatch made from nonlegal plexiglass to the side of my bot

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I hope you understand that shattering plexiglass like acrylic is still not legal.

I wish it was would be great

do you mean it is not allowed even if it is only a decoration, and not functional?

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it is 100% not allowed because it can shatter and is considered unsafe. If you use non shattering plastics that it is fine.