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I made a tool that I think could help you know your competition. I have been working on this for a while now. It started out as a program that attempted to predict the outcome of a match unfortunately just taking in CCWM, OPR, DPR, and mean score was not able to reliably predict a match but I found that If I just punched all of the numbers in to a spread sheet I could predict the out come on my own. After that I scrapped the whole thing and started over and that is it’s current version. I am curious to see what the forum thinks of this tool. If you have any comments or suggestions please comment below.
Link to the tool
Because so few matches have been played this year you will probably need to enter skyrise in the Season box and then hit go.

I just had one question before I can give an accurate analysis of your tool. What do the acronyms stand for?? CCWM? OPR? DPR?

A few points:

  • the first numbers in the team panel, what are they? they hover says “min-avg-max” but what is that of?
  • the number of matches you show doesn’t make sense… I have 22 matches, you have 16 (you can’t only be showing qual matches because there’s only 15 of those…)
  • there should be 2 events for 8735 but it only shows 1? Unless those tables on the right aren’t meant to be split by event, in which case why are they tables and what are they there for?
  • what are the “Season Stats”? I have no idea what these numbers represent, and I can’t find any information on VexDB that corresponds to the numbers you provide

Note: all figures above are for your default team (8735) and for Skyrise.

Also, when you load the Season Stats, does it do lots of work in Javascript on the main thread? It blocks your entire UI and stops people from interacting with your page while it does that, use asynchronous code!

As far as I can see it doesn’t really provide anything much more than VexDB (apart from the graph, and (average?) OPR, DPR and CCWM for the season - which start a whole new conversation about whether or not that’s actually a valid thing to do…)

On a more positive note: glad to see someone using the API!

  1. min-avg-max is the minimum score that an alliance the team was on scored, avg is the average score for alliance the team has been on, and max is the max score that an alliance the team was on scored
  2. you are right I am looking in to it.
    3.those tables are not try adding a another team here is a debug link that loads in a bunch of teams
  3. the stats come from finding the value for quartile one, median, quartile three, mean, and max of the scores of every match played that season. This involves loading every match. The UI blocking is my lazy programming and I intend to get rid of all of my non asynchronous requests.

you can mouse over them on the right side.

I just pushed a update that makes everything asynchronous (the TTL for caching is 4 hours so give it some time). I also Fixed the results table.

Alright. You should probably add those descriptions somewhere so that other people can know what the numbers actually represent too.

Also, your DPR rankings are backwards. For DPR a lower score is better.