Vex teams in FGC


Just wondering any teams that are now in Mexico City for FGC?

Do drop by and say hi to us! :slight_smile:

I thought 8059 did FGC last year too? Isn’t it supposed to be a different team each year?
Technical interest: Tell me how the control system wifi works out. From what I understand they’ve switched from wifi direct to infrastructure client wifi and it’ll be interesting to see that rolled out to FTC as well.

Yup… we did fgc last year as well.
But this year fgc is even later than last year, hard to find high school team that is willig to come over so near their major exam.

As for the connection, it is still bad. In fact, it feels worse that last year… a lot more teams are complaining about disconnection issues.

And as for the format of competiton… think no one Will complain about bo1 after attending fgc… lol…

FGC is just an even weirder competition format

Lol… amd we just heard that they have decided to removed 2 qualification matches!!!

And even weirder - how about randomly assigned permanent alliance for elimination?
We are like… okaayy…


Say hi to the group from Team Canada for me!

What’s the format this year?


Well at least you’ll appreciate Bo1! FGC is more of a party than competition I guess. Have a great time and may the wifi direct gods part the 2.4GHz spectrum during your matches. Look out for the NZ team from Westport, say hi to their coach Jessica for me.

There are close to 200 teams all in 1 division.
Each alliance is 3 teams.

We were supposed to go through 10 rounds of qualifying rounds… which was suddenly reduced to 8 matches instead. There was no official announcement regarding this change… the news started to spread among the teams around 20min before qualifying rounds supposed to start.

The TOP 48 teams will make it to the elimination rounds. And out of these 48 teams, they will randomly assigned these teams into 16 alliances of 3 teams each.

And after which it will be Bo1 for R16, QF, Sf and final.

Sure! Will look out for them tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Yes! You are absolutely right! They had one party even before the actually tournament starts.

And I will definitely drop by NZ team tomorrow :slight_smile:

@_7682 the disconnection issues are resolved after the technical teams dropped by after team to assign a specific MAC address.

Hopefully this method will be useful for you too.