VEX Telepod Robot

Nature Photography involves stealth, quite, patience and opportunity since wild animals are usually very shy creatures that do not like people snapping their pictures (similar problem with Hollywood Stars) and understandably so since everyone including these creatures enjoy their privacy. They can detect the presence and smell of man from a distance and will stay clear when their keen sense warns them of danger from predators and even man.

For the nature photographer who does not wish harm to these creatures of the wild, these are some of the difficult obstacles we encounter when all we want is a photo of a deer foraging in the woods a Moose loose in the field or a Black bear climbing a tree, or even a squirrel jumping from tree to tree.

It even makes a great tripod for sports events at the football or baseball field, where the sports photographer gets another angle that can be operated remotely. An optional motion system utilizes three Vex motors to move the Telepod around relatively smooth surfaces for short distances usually found on a football field, golf course or baseball diamond.

Like a Giraffe, a customized Telepod uses a longer center pole so that it can look over tall bushes or walls or even look over spectator’s heads at a sporting event, or rock concert similar to Hollywood grabbers except much more portable.

New DSLRs have lenses with anti-shake mechanisms that can help counter wind or ground shaking motions, especially at the longer focal lengths. Video cameras have had anti-shake technology for quite a while and will work fine.

The Telepod happens to be a customized heavy duty Tripod that will help you to point the video camera or DSLR in the right direction in order to get the photo. Other creatures that live in our back yards that would make great nature photos include robins, rabbits, foxes, raccoons, hawks, chipmunks and many more. In addition, it can be used for 3D photogrammetry applications by providing maximum coverage of the object being scanned.

So why not try to photograph nature with minimum intrusion in order to capture more natural photographs of the creatures that we share the earth with, even right in our own back yard. I have seen turkeys, foxes, coyotes and deer in our neighborhood, which I could have photographed if I had been able to get my camera in time. Using a tele-operated tripod (Telepod) will help nature photographers to capture these illusive photos or video footage.

Using a VEX Cortex and a VEX Wi-Fi based (Vexnet) game controller. By using my Sony a7rii camera I am able to bring live video or photos over the Wi-Fi from the comfort of home.