VEX testing cubes

I want to test, but as it is winter break I am unable to. How do I create a convincing & working alternative to the official VEX cubes? I don’t have a 3D printer.

One method of making a cube is to use a program such as Fusion 360 slicer to slice a CAD model of a cube into layers. Then print off templates for each and cut the shapes for each layer out of corrugated cardboard. Stack the layers and glue together. We had great success with this method and although we laser cut our cardboard, I am sure you could cut each layer by hand.



would i use something like an exacto knife to cut out the layers? also what type of glue do you recommend, I dont have access to anything like a hot glue gun.

Something like an exacto knife would probably be good yea. We just used slightly watered down PVA/wood glue.

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Ok I’ll give it a shot.