Vex Tipping Point Ideas

Hi fellow oregon team!!! Also I saw these pokers in ringmaster too but never figured out how they work. this idea seems pretty cool and more flexible than a intake.

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Hi. Yeah, I would use this just because it takes care of multiple problems in one mechanism. With some other mechanisms, you have to worry about intaking, indexing, and scoring separately, whereas this does all three in one. It should also have a reasonable capacity if done right. It wouldn’t be as fast as if you could have a roller intake, but close when driven well and with good macros. Also far simpler than any roller intake I can think of now. Imagine taking an ITZ robot and switching the tool on the end of the lift.

This is just my 15 minute solution though, last year I was a senior so I’m probably done with vex unless I want to start a team at OSU.


After some time to think about this game and doing research on what ITZ I still think goals 8/10 for points and should be the main focus early game but still keep in mind long term goals. Being able to lift mogos might be useful in early comps to place on the balancing platform but as I don’t have the field elements this could be a total bust of an idea. Keeping with the idea of lifting mogo holding them with a lift might be a good option to control possession. A lift, dr4b, could lift mogo for control of them and also be able to score rings on the high branches.

And for now that’s how I am thing about this game

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So I did that basic idea in Ringmaster and the one that we made used the change in distance between the two sides of a parallelogram but it was difficult to line it up with the rings to pick them up, we ended up putting a frame on the front of our robot to line them up so we could pick them up, I did some prototyping using IQ pieces and a 3d printed ring from Tipping Point and it worked… okay? It would be even harder to line them up as you’d have your opponents pushing you around trying to prevent you from scoring and I’d encourage you to look at the competition scores of the robot in the video that 2990B_DQ posted in this post:

Good luck if you decide to go with a passive claw idea, I’d love to see a team pull it off succesfully.


the rings are not that big though, so it might need some precision to pick them up, also it might be kind of slow



wouldn’t this count as clamping onto the field
diagram from tossup


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nice drawing
20 Char


Lol, sorry, I’m both on vacation and on mobile, I’d make a render or something otherwise. :rofl:

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You’re giving me 2012 vibes…


That is from 2013, wihich means those rules don’t really apply anymore…

But you may be right

You aren’t allowed to hoard goals. You can possess as many as you want on your robot but you can’t hoard them (meaning you can’t hold them in a corner of the field trying to keep them from the alliance).

Yeah you can’t hoard them but you can possess as many as needed. One of my teams ideas is to do something like ITZ and have a mogo intake lift inside the robot with one on the back of the lift (and possibly on the sides of the robot :joy:). Maybe some sort of active intake similar to VRC Round Up or like VIQC Ringmaster.

Yes, my bad. A 4-goal posseser

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If some teams do make robots to posses all 5 mogos (2 of alliance color and 3 neutral goals), the robot will be like 17-18 pounds of mogos with the weight of the robot so like a 25 pound robot. Holy cow, how could you balance unless you balance on the middle. :joy:I hope I see that but a disadvantage to that is a high Center of Gravity so they could tip easily so you could tip them over and they would be done!

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Would it be possible to make a “shooter” robot? Like you maybe have an expandable track for rings to follow up to the mogo branches and then shoot them along it?

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The 40 points earned by a single elevated goal is more than worth another robot parking. The other robot can then also play defense on a robot or have one goal in their mogo lift or hoard one in the corner to make up for the park. In the last 30 seconds (Ideally when you would park), the opposing alliance cannot touch the platform or be dqed.


Good luck with shooting the rings since they have an odd shape. If you can shoot them on the goals, Thats OP!!

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As much as shooting may be possible, I have a feeling it won’t be popular or that viable. It seems overcomplicated alongside other options. It would be cool.