Vex Tipping Point Ideas

Hello friend, good night I have the doubt that it is a ltz style mogo , anfd dr4g.

I’m gonna go:

  • Mass intaking rings in front
  • Mobile goal lift in the back
  • Some other subsystem I haven’t thought of yet

Here is a quick sketch regarding my original idea.
(Sorry for the terrible image quality, it’s off my school laptop which has an awful camera + I had to crop the image)
It still has some proportional issues like I would want the forklift part to be taller to accommodate a large carrying capacity.
Basically, it’s just a tiered forklift that is boxed in so that I can use a secondary lift to raise it so that I can deposit the rings onto a goal. Also, there is a mobile goal lift which is basically just another forklift. I have considered a DR4B but it seemed really daunting considering it took me almost all season to create a half-decent intake bot.




Imagine being done with the change up season and not having another CU comp


Is a wall legal in this game?

According to SG2, horizontal expansion is limited to 36".
If 36" wide robots count as wall, then yes.
Otherwise no.


So is there a limit to how tall your robot can be?

Can’t find any vertical expansion limit, but it might be me being dumb.
I suggest that you check on the game manual.

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Can the opposite team move an alliance goal?

You cannot hoard mobile goals per <SG7>, but alliance mobile goals are protected by <SG6> - opponents cannot cause rings to be descored from them.

So, can you use your alliance mobile goal, filled to the brim with rings, to keep a yellow mobile goal “safe” from being stolen by opponents?

And, also, I wonder if alliance goal could be placed onto a yellow goal and “secured” to it with rings and then you could carry push them together without violating possession rule, and enjoy whatever protection <SG6> gives you.

And, if this is actually not aginst the current game rules, wouldn’t it be cool if @Grant_Cox didn’t remove this loophole, like he did with all nice loopholes in the previous games? :sob:


There is no vertical expansion limit

yes, but the definition of Hoarding is “Hoarding – A form of Possession. A Robot is Hoarding if it is in Possession of any Mobile Goal in either of the two (2) corners of the field in their own Alliance Home Zone” so could you just carry 2 mobile goals if you are out of the corner?

Unrelated to the strategy but the max should be at least 524, I didn’t bother counting how many rings can fit into bowls so yeah

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also then it refers to SG7 which also states in a red box “The intent of this rule is to prohibit one Alliance from actively stifling gameplay by “locking down” Mobile Goals in corners of the field. Its intent is not to make the corners of the field an area of edge-case accidental violations, just as it is not to prohibit Robots from Possessing multiple Mobile Goals while playing the game offensively. In general, unless a Robot or Alliance is intentionally and blatantly utilizing a Hoarding strategy, violations of this rule should be rare.” not arguing if you can or can’t carry 2 if you are away from corners, just want the ruling cleared up for me before brainstorming. thanks

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yes, but there are 72 rings and they are not stacked thus a passive intake would be much faster and better. The con is that it is harder

How about a passive intake like this?

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My understanding is that there is no limit on the number of mobile goals you can carry, so you could carry all five mobile goals (the three yellow ones and the two of your alliance color), and park on the bridge for a lot of points. Although gaining possession of all three yellow mobile goals is a challenge (not to mention how heavy your robot would be with 3 or 5 mobile goals), if you do and you park on the bridge with them and your two alliance ones, it is very hard for the other alliance to win the match.

If you want an official ruling on this, then ask it on the official Q&A (when it opens).


Just wondering is there a rule saying that you can’t hold a mobile goal and balance your robot on the platform at the same time?

Nope, a mogo on a balancing platform with a robot is considered elevated, and thus is worth 40 points if the platform is balanced (please see figure 11)

For a total of 70 points if I am correct.