Vex Tipping Point Ideas

That is from 2013, wihich means those rules don’t really apply anymore…

But you may be right

You aren’t allowed to hoard goals. You can possess as many as you want on your robot but you can’t hoard them (meaning you can’t hold them in a corner of the field trying to keep them from the alliance).

Yeah you can’t hoard them but you can possess as many as needed. One of my teams ideas is to do something like ITZ and have a mogo intake lift inside the robot with one on the back of the lift (and possibly on the sides of the robot :joy:). Maybe some sort of active intake similar to VRC Round Up or like VIQC Ringmaster.

Yes, my bad. A 4-goal posseser

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If some teams do make robots to posses all 5 mogos (2 of alliance color and 3 neutral goals), the robot will be like 17-18 pounds of mogos with the weight of the robot so like a 25 pound robot. Holy cow, how could you balance unless you balance on the middle. :joy:I hope I see that but a disadvantage to that is a high Center of Gravity so they could tip easily so you could tip them over and they would be done!

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Would it be possible to make a “shooter” robot? Like you maybe have an expandable track for rings to follow up to the mogo branches and then shoot them along it?

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The 40 points earned by a single elevated goal is more than worth another robot parking. The other robot can then also play defense on a robot or have one goal in their mogo lift or hoard one in the corner to make up for the park. In the last 30 seconds (Ideally when you would park), the opposing alliance cannot touch the platform or be dqed.


Good luck with shooting the rings since they have an odd shape. If you can shoot them on the goals, Thats OP!!

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As much as shooting may be possible, I have a feeling it won’t be popular or that viable. It seems overcomplicated alongside other options. It would be cool.

I know this is off topic but what size but drivers do you use for the 11/64 hex/keps/lock nuts that we use for robotics. I want to know the right size so I can buy it without it being too big or small? Thanks!

11/32 is the size for VEX 8-32 nuts. Go to for great prices on good quality tools.


Does anyone know when the VRC HUB app with have the scoring available for Tipping Point? Right now, my VRC hub app looks like this when I press on the scoring part image


Update the app, then it will work.


Ngl the scoring app for Tipping Point looks kinda lame, especially in comparison to past challenges


I don’t see mine. Can you show me a picture of it?

Screenshot_20210602-195734_VRC Hub


Quick poll, since I have noticed that there are a bunch of iPhone users who can’t access the tipping point game score calculator.

  • I use an iPhone, can’t use tipping point calculator
  • I use an iPhone, can use tipping point calculator
  • I use an Android, can’t use tipping point calculator
  • I use an Android, can use tipping point calculator
  • Imagine using VRC Hub

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only cause mine doesn’t work

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Statistics time!

From our relatively small sample size of 36 people, we see that 100% of Iphone users cannot use VRC hub and 100% of Android users can.

The null hypothesis is that the workingness of VRC hub is not based on phone OS. The p-value for this hypothesis is



1 in 69 billion

So we reject the null hypothesis and say that phone OS very likely effects the workingness of VRC hub :rofl:


What do you guys think will be the best drive speed for TiP? I think it will be a 257 on a 4" for a 4 motor drive, and a 300 on 4" for a 6 motor drive.