Vex Tipping Point

What is the best base for Tipping Point? Specifically to be able to get up the ramp and maneuver well.

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That’s your choice to make! It’s up to you and your team to determine how you want to tackle this seasons challenge! Some drives offer more traction while others offer more maneuverability, and it’s up to you and your team to determine what you want and what would work best for this season.



The best base is the one that you decide works the best after testing!

You need to decide size (length/width), what rpm you want, gears or chain, wheel size, motor placement, how far apart are your wheels, etc. You should decide what variables you need to have, and the rest will fit around your robot.

Look at some videos online of Tipping Point robots and use those as a baseline. Do these drive bases fit within the constraints you have (eg. getting up the ramp and maneuvering well)? If you have a question about that robot, leave a comment on the video or try to get in contact with the team elsewhere, or you can ask here.

Can you use the robots you see online as a baseline for your own testing? If you see one robot does something good and another robot does something bad, take what you learned from both to conduct a test of your own.


Like @Iacsap said in a other post:


welcome to the vex forums @Emmerito! everybody has there own personal opinion on this question, it all comes down to what you want for your robot. there are some good videos and papers about pros/ cons for different drive bases that would be beneficial to look at. i would suggest starting by asking yourself “what do i want my drive base to do best?”, then putting in time into researching, designing, and testing different bases to see which fits your wants/ needs best. (this is good for when the next competition comes out or your game strategy changes and you need a new base, you will have the experience and prototypes needed to make your robot better)

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@Emmerito Here is a good vex reveal to give you a good idea as to what some people are doing

I hope this helps