Vex Titans

Hi vex community, last year I started a poll about the most famous teams in vex, now I want to know which teams do you guys think are the most feared, and most competitive, many teams have made credit to be the most competitive during every season. Now that Im on vex U, at worlds I experienced the rising level of this division, and I have to say that I saw there the highest level I have ever seen in a vex competition in my life, many vex HS team members arrived to U division this year and it’s always grateful to see known faces there.
so I´ll post my list

1 QCC2: green egg robotics everywhere :smiley:
2 AURA: Always amazing like every NZ team
3 BNS : its like a dreamteam of vex champs.
4 2915A.: Lynfield , 3 in row its crazy
5 8000A: Robohawks, its always a team to see
6 359A: an awesome team with an awesome season
7 2587: Discobots, they never miss finals, IQ was insane
8 VCAT: I think nobody expected that wallbot at semis
9 UTGZ: un equipo con gran nivel
10 Oats, they were missed at worlds
other great teams this season and at worlds were “the fuse” they made it great at finals, 6430B they were one cube near to finals, 323z always amaze and team 62 had a very great and complex robot, also this year was confirmed the “Barker Age” :smiley: :smiley:

Nestor Ribero, Javex Robotics
formerly 4423C Masters

where are the robonaughts? D:

They were naughty I’m assuming…

I don’t know. Have you seen them?

That last cube was a killer. Give us three more seconds and we would of had a third finals match. :wink: Thanks for the shout out! lol :smiley:

Robonauts = 118

Robonauts = 118 =