VEX TM broken and unusable after daylight saving

VEX TM does not work after New Zealand changed to Daylight saving today.

This morning we came to use VEX TM and it refuses to run as it says that the computer’s date and time is wrong. It is not as the time has automatically updated. Time zone and time on the PC are all correct. See attached image of what TM says and the settings of the Date & Time on the PC.

Time before daylight saving would have been 09:23 if clocks had not been changed
Correct time with daylight saving is 10:23 as computer says it is
TM wants the time to be 11:23 which is incorrect.

Using Windows 10

Please fix as we cannot use TM on line without forcing the system to an incorrect time.
PC settings.PNG

I am sure with the new and increased fees they are charging, this will be fixed ASAP.

They always fix things fast.

Working now with no version update at my end.

Good to hear. Our time change in the US is a bit different than yours. They probably just needed to make an adjustment on the back end to accommodate the different time change date. Hopefully, it will not cause a problem when we change times.

Nothing has been changed. The time check is done entirely in UTC so the local time (and thus daylight savings time) should not affect it. The only time local time is used is after the time is determined to be inaccurate and we convert it to local for display in that dialog.

Chris, if you want you can use File->Save Log Files and send them to and that might give us a better idea of why you saw that message.

I have just emailed the file to you :slight_smile: