VEX TM Mobile: Android vs iOS

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Recently we ran an unofficial school scrimmage and were experimenting with the VEX Tournament Manager Software and its capabilities. We had remote displays with Raspberry Pi’s and 1 iPad and 1 Android device for match scoring. The iOS version of TM Mobile doesn’t allow field control from the app while the Android one does. The Android version also connects to the TM Server easier. Is there any possibility of DWAB and VEX adding the field control capability on the iOS version of TM Mobile as it would be easier for schools (such as ours) with iOS devices.

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I can’t comment on the TM Mobile iOS app, but the field control functionality of TM Mobile can be done in literally anything with a modern web browser if you have the latest TM updates.

Really? Can you please explain how this works?

Navigate to the server’s IP in a web browser, log in, and click on the “Field Control” tab on the left of the window. Works better in landscape mode on an iPad. Then, switch back to TM mobile to score the match. This is how we have been running skills matches at qualifiers in WV this season and it’s worked pretty well.

(Edit: note that you still need a computer running TM on Windows/macOS to act as the server, drive the audience displays, and accept scores sent in from TM mobile.)


You have to use the webserver feature. You navigate to the TM server IP in a browser and login in the top right. You can log in as Administrator with the master password for your tournament in TM or as a Scorekeeper with a different password you set in the tournament configuration (not the setup wizard).

Note that you probably need your event to be configured as Large Event/Expert to get this functionality.

I agree with the suggestion to use a browser for field control and TM Mobile only for scoring. I’ve experienced some issues trying to do both at once, on one device, within the app.

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Another note:

I’ve found that field control within a web browser generally works much better if you tell the browser to render the desktop version of the site.

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I’m pretty sure the web interface is available for all configuration levels. Our events in WV are usually configured as “Medium” and we use the web interface all the time.