Vex TM Mobile iOS problem

Hi everyone. Recently we tried preping for a school practice using Vex Tournament Manager and encountered a problem with Ipad / iOS device is that they experience server error when connecting. We made sure that the server is running on a Mac with M1 and other devices (Windows / Android) can connect fine. But iPad/iPhone can’t. Is there any way to fix this?

You might want to check DWABtech website
for the most recent Tournament Manager software.

For the server, it is supported macOS Catalina, and Windows. There is no Android version for server.
For Mobile iOs through App Store, Amazon App Store, and Google Play.

Things to note is to see if network is routable between mobile access point and network server is plugged into. We have run into this problem regardless if Mac OS or Windows TM server, if the network does not let packets route from wireless to wired, then doomed to fail.

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Network is not an issue, at least, as Android phones/tablets can connect to the server (either Mac or Windows). The only issue are iPad/iPhone which, for some reason refuse to connect to the server. They are recognized in the authorized devices but even still they give server error.