Vex Tomahawk built

I have been examining the Vex Tomahawk images and even though everything looks complicated, I believe that it is a simple design. There are 4 motors on each side that drive the 2 front wheels. The pictures on gave me a good idea of how the gears interacted. I tried making a robot like the Vex Tomahawk and it is sweet. I only made the front part due to my Vex stuff limitations. Instead of using 4 motors on each side I used 3 (total 6) The robot (took me 2 hours) does not look exactly similar but you get the idea. I wasn’t able to use most of the chain and sprocket parts because I didn’t have it. What do you think? I am hoping to get more parts and build it like the real thing. Look in the Gallery for the image.

is it the 1 with 3 wheels??

No check the gallery again I just uploaded it

thats pretty impressive.

Does it actually tilt?

That is the only part of the Tomahawk that I don’t understand. So no it does not tilt

That sucks, but keep working on it you’ll eventually figure it out.

dude, that is so awesome, good job

Actually from the information posted by Vexlabs, they state that it uses a total of 6 motors on the drive train for traction. The other motors you are probably seeing are actually servos used for tilting the robot from side to side.I had the same plan to have my team replicate the tomahawk also, but it will have to wait until FVC season is over. I have already put together bill of materials and we have all that is necessary. Just have to find the time.

Have you seen the Tomahawk Pictures here at Make Magazine?? I had not…

i got to play with the vex tomahawk last year at atlanta and its one of the coolest ones ive seen

you were able to drive it:eek: lucky…

what pics r u talking about cause the only ones i see r the ones i posted

I think i have an idea about how to get this thing to tilt.

You make either set of motors independent, basically split the design in 2.

Then add crossbeams with springs that can flex.

This would work but how vex hot theirs to tilt is still a mystery:confused:

i built the very second one i got good pix in the robot gallery i will help every one as much as they need bu i havent seen the actual one work but the servos in mine burnt up the second day playing with it from the weight so if i can answer ur questions let me know i am here to help gust email me