VEX Toss Up 2013-2014 Robot Ideas

What do you guys think will be prevailing designs this year? What do you think will be your choice?

Clean Sweep

I predict there will be lots of wall-bots…


Yes I guessed that wallbots would be EVERYWHERE (ugh)

There wont be as many wall bots as u could predict. to block the enemy u must block urself. plus consider there will be catapults used and all types of desings… there is good way to make a good… wallbot
U can cross anywhere soo theres no real restriction… unless the wall bot can go over the wall or something but they can still score on there side.

I think there will be some wallbot attempts but only a few will actually be good, similar to this year. I predicting a lot fo catapults, but the downfall to catapults is that you cannot score in the vertical cylindrical goals.
I’m also predicting that a few linear lift robots with a simple claw or something, will prevail. After looking at the point values of the objects hanging with a ball is a HUGE bonus and so is scoring in the vertical cyclindrical goals.
Maybe a claw that can pickup both small balls and big balls, put the big balls on the goals, as well as hang will do good. Then again you can either knock the ball out of the robot high hanging or knock the big ball off of the top of the vertical goals. I’m excited to see how it all plays out.

I can imagine hoard-and-last-second dump robots being useful.

Whoops. This might be important.

Anyone know where the rules are? I already hear you guys talking specifications.

My immediate guess is that hanging with balls will become an immediate meta while lower level competition will focus on scoring, but then strategies will adapt around disrupting that strategy around worlds.

I really think 4194b’s innovative drivetrain will come in handy. Especially due to the low 12 inches(i may need to cut metal:eek:) and the 40 inch bar you guys mentioned. As for manipulators, i’m really feeling a claw, roller, maybe a scoop.

I can’t make any big guesses without the rulebook though :confused:

edit: derp i found it…

That 3 ball maximum is kind of annoying.

Well, as far as going over the bump, all one needs to do is have 6 wheel drive, or elevate 4" wheels a half inch.

Think about it this way. If you want to go over the bump and under the trough thing, the robot (not including ride height) cannot be thicker than 10" unless you use tank treads with traction. You need clearance over the bump or else you will get stuck on it.

I think some robots from FRC 2010 for example would disagree with needing a lot of clearance. When you’re only 2 days into a new game, don’t rule out anything.


The only way to eliminate the need for the 2" clearance is if your wheels are close enough together or you use tank treads. Think of it this way. You only have a maximum of 364 days left.

Six-bar lift with pneumatic-activated vertical expanding towers.

Also pop-out bases, I’m calling it.

The simplest way for me is that cut 1/3 of our current sack attack robot, take out intake, assemble gateway intake on it, and attach the hanging mechanism of 2011 robot to it.


Well my team was playing around with our old Sack Attack robot, and we decided to see if we could pick up the buckyballs and large balls. We were pleasantly surprised when we found out we could pick up both type of balls with the same manipulator, and it wasn’t exactly hard to do.

I might post some vids latar.

I think that tread intakes as well as sideways roller intakes will be the most popular design. I agree that limiting the number of items you can carry is somewhat obstructive, but I like that it gives more of an incentive for drive terrain speed and it changes how many people will deign their robots.

<12" gateway robots and hanging catapults.

hmmm… if someone could make a trebuchet (launches using weights instead of elastics) that would be pretty awesome.