VEX Toss Up Announced!

VEX Toss Up is the 2013-2014 VEX Robotics Competition game.

Game Video:

Game Manual and Other Info:

Any idea when the field is going to be released?

also … price … is it going up … staying same …

The complete Toss Up Field & Game Objects will be available in mid-May. The price is staying the same as previous years full fields.

Mid-May? Does that mean they will end up shipping at the end of May due to the two-week processing time? Or will they be out fast?

I saw a few videos on Youtube with people having buckeyballs etc…

This dude here:

The scoring objects were available for purchase at Worlds. A couple members from our club bought them. For anybody wondering, the buckyballs are made of pretty much the same plastic material as the Round Up rings. The large balls really are just beach balls, but they have a sack similar to Sack Attack (perhaps a little lighter) inside of them. The large balls also have thicker plastic than one would expect from a beach ball, so they won’t pop all that easily.

The Bump Kit and Object Kit are available to order now and will ship within 2 weeks. These will go to normal In Stock levels soon.

The complete Field & Game Objects kit will be open for order as soon as we have a good inventory of the kits to satisfy the initial demand for them - our estimate for this is mid-May.