VEX Toss Up Inflated Balls

Following up on this question:

It appears that the quantities have been corrected on the VEX website to at least provide the minimum number for a game kit. The large balls will on occasion be damaged no matter how diligent the inspectors are about sharp edges. I question not providing at least a couple extra large balls in the game kit. It is probable that some event partners will not get through an event with the number of elements being shipped. At the least spares should be available for purchase at a reasonable cost without buying a kit to get spares. In some geographic areas game kits are used by 6 or more events, along with heavy use by teams practicing during meetings, and replacement balls will be needed.

Hello cc4hldr,

You make a very good point.
We encourage our Event Partners to purchase a full Field & Game Object Kit along with an Object Kit ($49.99) to be used for spare parts.


It should also be noted, that we aggressively tested the inflated balls above and beyond the abuse they should see in application. We are confident in their durability.